Our Cremation Without Ceremony includes all the essential services you'd expect:

  • Our professionally-trained team to attend to all arrangements
  • The collection of the person who has died, including from a private residence or nursing home
  • The person who has died to be taken into our care
  • Care and preparation of the person who has died
  • Doctors' fees if required, if not we'll refund any charges for them
  • A simple wood effect coffin, including a larger coffin if needed
  • A suitable vehicle to the crematorium
  • Cremation fees for an unattended commital

The crematorium will take care of the ashes, which you can collect from them, or we can arrange to have them scattered at their garden of remembrance.

Alternatively, if you'd like the ashes will be delivered to you, there's a charge of £95 for this service.

There are some restrictions with Cremation Without Ceremony. So we're clear, what's not included:

  • Visiting of the person who has died
  • It's not possible to choose what date or time the cremation will take place
  • The crematorium is of our choosing
  • No mourners are able to attend the crematorium on the day
  • No additional products or services can be added other than arranging the delivery of ashes
  • It is not available as part of our free children's funeral service

How does Cremation Without Ceremony work?
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